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Cyber Security Training and Assessment

In today's digital age, effective cybersecurity training is not just beneficial—it's foundational. Operating safely amidst a constantly evolving threat landscape requires a workforce that's informed, vigilant, and empowered with the right knowledge. Good cybersecurity training is, indeed, at the very core of such safe operations.

Cyber Security Training

Recent statistics reveal that an alarming 90% of cyber incidents result from human errors, often stemming from a lack of awareness or knowledge among employees. This emphasizes that the frontline of cybersecurity isn't just technology—it's the human element. Good cybersecurity training isn't a luxury; it's the first and best line of defense for organizations of all sizes. Moreover, in many industry sectors, such training isn't optional—it's mandated. Recognizing this essential need, AlecTech offers an array of cybersecurity courses tailored for various job roles. Our training modules can be delivered both online and in-person, ensuring your team is fortified with the latest knowledge and best practices.


Cyber Security Knowledge Assessment

Active assessment of your employees' understanding of cybersecurity issues is paramount. Without it, the essence of even the most comprehensive cybersecurity training can fade and be forgotten. At AlecTech, we believe in reinforcing knowledge and ensuring retention. Using cutting-edge tools, we periodically evaluate the cybersecurity acumen of your employees, deploying innovative scenarios that not only test but also reinforce their understanding. It's not just about training; it's about ensuring that training translates into tangible, lasting awareness.

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