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Physical Security

Providing Everything You Need

Security Cameras
Security Cameras

CCTV and Surveillance

Elevate your security with AlecTech's cutting-edge surveillance technologies and camera systems. Our dedicated team ensures not only top-tier installation and management but also safe, prolonged storage of your footage in strict adherence to Canadian privacy laws. With AlecTech, your surveillance records are court-ready and compliant.

Digital Access Gates

In an age where security challenges are evolving rapidly, integrating digital access gates is not just an upgrade, but a necessity. These gates serve as an essential first line of defense, substantially elevating your facility's physical security and ensuring that only authorized personnel gain access. Implementing proper access control is pivotal in mitigating risks and protecting sensitive areas. At AlecTech, our team of seasoned experts specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of these state-of-the-art digital access gates. With our knowledge and commitment, we're dedicated to fortifying your premises, offering peace of mind in an unpredictable world. Let's collaborate for a more secure and controlled environment.

Hotel Door Lock
Exit Gate

Perimeter Monitoring

Do large expanses of your facility remain exposed to potential trespassing? Every unauthorized entry or undetected movement can weaken your organization's security foundation. Such vulnerabilities can have far-reaching implications. At AlecTech, we understand the importance of fortifying your perimeter. We specialize in designing, deploying, and maintaining a range of cutting-edge physical security sensors that can swiftly detect foreign objects, from drones to unauthorized individuals. Our goal is to not only alert you to these breaches but also to effectively limit their potential movements within your boundaries. Let's partner up to create a robust defense line for your assets and ensure peace of mind.

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