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Managed Cyber Security Solutions

AlecTech is your offsite cybersecurity operations center, vigilantly keeping watch 24/7. Our dedicated team ensures you're shielded from threats around the clock, allowing you to operate with confidence and peace of mind.

Security Operation Center

Security operations is the vigilant sentinel of your IT infrastructure, meticulously monitoring your network and endpoint activities 24/7 for potential cyber incidents, and halting threats in their tracks. At AlecTech, we employ cutting-edge tools and techniques to offer your business a security operations center of elite calibre—once a luxury only within reach of Fortune 500 companies, now accessible to you. AlecTech enhances your security posture by tapping into real-world cyber threat data and leveraging a global team of cybersecurity experts. We keep an unblinking eye on your network 24/7, providing you with world-class vigilance and peace of mind. 


Firewall Management

A firewall stands as a primary line of defense, safeguarding your IT infrastructure from malicious intrusions and cyber threats. Its importance cannot be understated in today's digital era. At AlecTech, our expertise lies not just in understanding its significance, but in optimally and securely configuring your firewall. We ensure that while security remains paramount, your day-to-day business operations flow seamlessly.


Incident Response

Incident response is not just about addressing cyber threats—it's about rapid, effective recovery and mitigation when those threats manifest. In today's unpredictable digital landscape, having a robust incident response plan is essential to minimize damage, restore trust, and ensure business continuity. AlecTech recognizes the criticality of being prepared for the unforeseen. We ensure your organization not only has a comprehensive incident response plan in place but is also primed to act decisively when unfortunate cyber incidents occur.


Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a cornerstone of both cyber and physical security. It ensures that the right individuals have the right access to resources, whether it's data on a server or entry into a secured physical location. By effectively controlling and monitoring user access, IAM minimizes the risk of unauthorized intrusions, data breaches, and potential internal misuse. In a world where threats can emerge from any corner, it's pivotal to know and control who has access to what. AlecTech brings its expertise to the table, helping you design and implement IAM solutions tailored to your business needs, ensuring a robust layer of security and operational efficiency.

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